Live Slot Webcam!

Watch it!

If you’re a frequent visitor to Slot Addict you might notice this has changed recently! We used to show our own live roulette wheel, but we got through three of them after around 150,000 spins each and decided to call it a day! It was fun, but at the end of the day it wasn’t slots!

Slot Webcam

This webcam however is slots! Found on a webcam site online, it appears to be based in Slovakia. The picture above refreshes as quickly as it can. Watch as people eat up their Slovak Korunas (that’s the currency!) on these machines.

When is a slot not a slot?

When it’s one of these machines it seems. From the screens, it seems they are ‘Multi Game’ machines – presumably encompassing slots, video poker etc. They look fairly old, maybe one day they will be updated to something like the slots I review.

Play Slots Online

To that end, if you arrived here looking to play, have a read of some of my slot reviews to find one you like the look of!

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