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Set in Paris, with some typically French accordion music in the background, the Voila slot takes the stereotypical images of French culture and places them in this brilliantly captivating 5-reel, 3 visible symbol slot.

As the slot works ‘243 ways’, you needn’t worry about pay lines – as long as you get your winning symbols next to each other (on any of the three places), there’ll be a payout.

The slot follows a couple of other ‘music based’ slots (like Burning Desire and Lady in Red) in that your reward for entering the Bonus round is a little tune (and 20 free spins of course!). You can get to the Bonus feature by getting 3 scattered bonus symbols anywhere on the reels.

Personally to me the tune is just as addictive as the slot itself, which makes pushing for the Bonus a must in my head. You can imagine it being sung in an old fashioned cafe overlooking a big old cobbled street. I got so obsessed with the song I got a French friend to translate the lyrics, so for your delight – here is what she is rambling on about!

Voila Slot Lyrics in French:

La ronde des baguettes flotte dans l’air
Les oiseaux roucoulent dans les fontaines
Dans les jardins publics, les enfants font des patés de sable,
Les boutiques respirent la joie de vivre.
Les vieux pavés chantent sous nos pas,
Le banquier qui salue
Je lui retourne un sourire.
Les amoureux se frolent et se perdent d’un regard ébloui
Enfin enfin, le printemps est là.
Quand cette ville te prend c’est pour toujours,
Tu partages les batements de son coeur
Les anciens monuments sont là, pour nous rappeler, ce que c’est d’être français.
La Seine reflète ses jolies lumières
La tour Eiffel scientille comme naguerre
Au restaurant le champagne coule
On chante on danse, on fait la fête
Voilà Paris la ville de l’amour
Voilà Paris tu es mon amour

Voila Slot Lyrics in English:

The merry-go-round of baguettes floats in the air
Birds are cooing in fountains
In parks, children make sand castles
Shops are filled with ‘joie de vivre’
Old street cobbles sing under our feet.
The banker greets me,
I smile back.
Lovers brush against each other and get lost in an amazed look
At last, at last, spring is here.
When this city takes you, it’s forever,
You share its heartbeats
Old monuments are here to remind you what it is to be French.
The Seine reflects its pretty lights
The Eiffel tower shines like it used to
At the restaurant, champagne flows
We sing, we dance, we party
Here is Paris city of love
Here is Paris you are my love.

Cheese-tastic eh?! I think so.

During the 20 free spins, all wins are doubled. You can also retrigger all 20 spins by getting three bonus symbols again whilst in the Bonus. Once in my life I’ve managed to do that twice in one bonus round, ker-ching!!

It doesn’t stop there with this feature packed game though. On the reels are ‘Voila!’ symbols which act as random wild multipliers, which not only bridge the gaps for a line of symbols but will multiply the win by 2x, 3x, or 4x. The ‘Voila!’ symbols are present in and out of the bonus, so It’s simply brilliantly addictive all the time.

However, watch your bet amount, as max bet on this one is 600 coins which can go quickly if just hammering for the bonus! Overall I love this slot – I think it’s been really well produced for maximum effect and achieving the bonus is not a particularly hard feat it seems.

Voila Slot, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

Where Can I Play Voila Slot?

Casino Action
($1250 free play)
32 Red
(£32 for every £20 deposited)
(Up to £100 free)
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