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This one really is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I’ve spent hours of my life pummelling Treasures of Troy and only now I come to review it have I tried to actually figure out how it works!

So, Treasures of Troy looks like a 5-reel, 4 visible symbol slot with fundamentally 40 pay lines. Except it’s not. Not, that is, if you play the ‘Multiway’ which is 1024 different ways to be paid, on top of your 40 lines.

Switching on Multiway costs double your 40-line stake, so say you’re betting 40 coins, it’ll cost 80. This is what I was doing in my screenshots.

The reels aren’t reels – let’s get that out of the way, there’s 5 columns of 4 completely seperate reels. So think of each symbol as a reel and you can’t go too far wrong. Basically – and I perhaps should have said this to start with… there are 20 reels on the screen. Confused yet? I am.

The distinction only really matters when you’re playing ‘Multiway’, if you’re playing just the 40 pay lines you can think of them as symbols on a reel if you like – though you may still get 4 of the same one down a column possibly making decent payline wins.

With ‘Multiway’, matching symbols can be just touching each other – either next to each other or in the same column, or both of course! It also activates payout out the same symbols on adjacent columns, no matter where their position, so long as you get 4 or 5 of them.

I’ve made it sound like a hindrance but here’s where my poor brain gets even more frazzled. If the matching symbols you get are in the same column, this apparently ‘multiplies’ your bet (by how much I can’t find out).

All I know is when you see a lot of the same symbol land into place, it’s always a big winner!

The bonus is great. You need to land 2 or more Trojan Horses in the middle column to trigger it. Brilliantly my partner refers to these symbols as ‘donkeys’, not paying attention to the name or premise of the slot whatsoever. Two donkeys gets you ten free spins, three gives you fifteen and four, twenty.

The reels are different in the bonus. Don’t ask me how, it’s subtle – but you do seem to win little and often, more often, and the chance of retriggering the Bonus with the Trojan Donkeys seems to be increased too – in just going over it again for this review, I retriggered it 3 times (twice in one round and once more in another), though I must have hit the bonus about 6 times in the hour and a half I played the slot. You can retrigger the free spins up to a maximum of 130 free spins played out. My partner managed 90 yesterday which is the highest I’ve seen… exciting when it keeps doing that!

Coupled with the fact there is a Wild symbol (that says ‘Treaures of Troy’ on it), there are some amazing wins to be had on this. It has got an annoying habit of seeming to go through ‘dry’ spells even though I know it’s as random as the next game, probably because there’s such big rewards on offer, it keeps the smaller prizes to a minimum.

I have been really addicted to this one – after a few minutes of playing, and when you stop trying to understand it, the catchy movie-about-the-Trojan-war style music keeps you going (it gets quite tuneful at wins of 5x stake and even more fanfarey after wins of 10x stake or more!) and at the end of the Bonus you are greeted with little ditties from a very British (and not Greek) Cleopatra-esque voice saying things like “The Treasures of Troy are yours!” and “I dreamt this day would come!”. My personal favourite when retriggering the Bonus is “The Gods have extended your Bonus!”, which I always think is nice of them.

It’s lovely stuff over all. Give it a go, below!

Treasures of Troy Slot, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

Where Can I Play Treasures of Troy Slot?

Sky Vegas
(Up to £150 bonus)
Paddy Power
(Up to £200 bonus)
Virgin Casino
(100% Sign up Bonus)
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  1. Sarah says:

    I LOVE this slot! I’ve had some great wins. 90 free spins, here is the result woohoo

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