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To give it its full title – The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring™ – is the hottest and most anticipated slot I’ve had the pleasure to sit and play about with since coming up with the weird idea for this site. Microgaming really have come up trumps with this one.

The intense use of and beautiful quality sound really give this new slot a movie like dimension.

To start – this is an easy slot to get. Not like recent offerings like Thunderstruck II, it’s not so feature filled to leave you frustrated and confused, this one is a constant breath of fresh air.

In essence, it’s a 5 reel, 3-visible-symbol slot, but with 243 ‘lines’. That means, don’t worry about paylines, just try and get at least 3 of the same symbols on adjacent reels and you’ll hit a payline.

The Lord of the Rings™ introduces the idea of ‘Cinematic Spins’ – meaning with each play you get a little (few second) scene from the actual movie playing out in the background whilst the outcome of your spin is decided. Clearly you need a half-decent PC to cope with that kind of thing, so it can be turned off in the options. It adds such a great feel to the game though.

In fact, in this case, and for the first time ever I decided that a video was needed to show you what it looks like. It’s all very well describing it and taking screenshots, but you need a more immersive experience for this one. The video is at the bottom of the review.

The gameplay is all about the Wilds as far as I can tell. Unless you get 4/5 of the same symbol, the wins aren’t exactly amazing, but that’s where the Stacked Wilds come in. They’re the black ones with ‘Lord of the Rings’ written on them. If you’re mega lucky and get a whole screen full of them (i.e every single symbol is the wild), your prize is 1.9 million coins! I know… hardly likely! The Stacked Wilds do make an amazing difference to the gameplay though, and show up pretty often. In fact in the video below there is a big win at 1 min 24 seconds, where the Stacked Wilds really helped!

There’s a lovely feature whereby if you get 5 of the same character symbol, a little video plays in the middle of the screen featuring the character(s) you won with, whilst your big win is counted up!

So – one more thing I have to mention in normal gameplay… the middle reel Wild symbol. It’s a firey thing and I don’t know exactly what it’s called (shamefully not a massive fan of the film!) but hit that and if there’s a potential win, it expands to the whole middle reel. To be somewhat frank, it looks a bit like a lady’s ‘part’… or is that just me? Either way it’s a brilliant extra!

To the Bonus! It’s all about the Bonus! It always is! Well, nearly always.

The Bonus is entered by achieving 3 or more gold rings across any of your reels. It consists of 15 free spins with a twist. The twist is that after every spin, a whole reel becomes wild. The reel is chosen at random, but as you can see in the video (Bonus starts at 3 min 25 sec), sometimes you’re lucky that it’s the perfect reel that you needed. Whilst the firey “Lady’s part” symbol isn’t in the bonus, the stacked wilds are, so plenty of chances to win in there. And joy of joys – it can be completely retriggered with three or more rings!

During the Bonus, the music changes to a more upbeat, rousing number and the video clips are a completely different set than in normal game play. It makes for memorable experiences.

It’s quite a hit-and-miss affair actually getting into the bonus. It took me no time at all when I was just doing screenshots, but when capturing the video, it took a full 19 minutes (edited it down obviously!)… so beware… if your luck is out it could be an expensive exercise hammering for the bonus.

I’m loving these new releases! If this has whetted your appetite, have a go on the casinos below (you can play for free!).

The Lord Of The Rings™ Slot, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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