Super Hoot Loot Slot

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Super Hoot Loot is a great fun 40 line, 5-reel, 3 visible symbol slot. It’s fast moving but loaded with a couple of great features, making it one of my favourite slots for potentially big wins.

As the name suggests, the game revolves around an owl, who hoots quite a bit during game play!

As well as the usual J, Q, K and A symbols are various types of wildlife with the Eagle being the highest paid. The ‘Super Hoot Loot’ wild symbol pays 8x more than the Eagle though if you manage to get 5 on a win line! However, that’s really not where the fun ends.

The ‘Loot Line’ makes all the difference in this game, as it can multiply a win by 200x in a single spin! Any symbols which have a yellow border, landing on your reels will appear in the Loot Line and if they form a winning set (usually 3 of the same, 2 with a couple of symbols), including any bordered wilds, that win is multiplied. If you’re doing max bet (playing 200 coins per spin), your multiplier will be 200x! It can make for impressive sudden wins. We won over 17000 coins in a spin once this way, and the Loot Line only had 4 of the same symbol, let alone five!

And you think the fun ends even there? No way. The Bonus feature is just brilliant. Get a gold safe symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5 and you enter the Bonus, which is 7 free spins. Ok so doesn’t sound a lot, but on each spin, the game gives you a free 2x wild symbol in your Loot Line… meaning you only need two or more of the same bordered symbol (or one in the case of a couple of symbols) on the main reels for them to drop into your Loot Line and score some pretty impressive wins.

You don’t have to be in the Bonus to get the 2x wild symbol though, he appears (I say he, he’s an owl that looks like a ‘he!’) from time to time in the main reels during game play which also end up in your Loot Line.

In more frugal moments, playing for free, I’ve seen wins of 30-50,000 coins in the Bonus. Always a “Damn why wasn’t I playing for real?!” moment. Let us know if this is one of your faves too.

Super Hoot Loot Slot, 8.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

Where Can I Play Super Hoot Loot Slot?

Sky Vegas
(Up to £150 bonus)
Paddy Power
(Up to £200 bonus)
Virgin Casino
(100% Sign up Bonus)
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