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Rubik’s (also Known as “Rubik’s Riches”) is a somewhat unconventional slot in that it doesn’t have reels or lines as you or I would first think, but uses the well known 80s gizmo of a Rubik’s cube to play the game with.

Some sites call these ‘Casual Game Slots’, and perhaps shouldn’t be fitting of a Slot review site like Slot Addict – but I beg to differ… especially as this one has the look and feel of something out of the 80s!

Those of us of a certain generation will remember listening to 80s electro pop music around the time the Rubik’s Cube was taking the world by storm. The Rubik’s slot grabs a slice of that era with funky beats and sounds throughout the game.

The aim is to get lines of the same colour, and potentially each of the cube’s sides (or faces as they call them) to 3 different blocks of colour. The payscale on the left shows the number of solid colour lines to amount paid out, and this is determined by bet amount. You also get a bonus amount for 1, 2 or 3 faces. 1 face is 5x your bet. 2 faces is 4x one face, and 3 faces is 50x 2 faces, so the payouts can be enormous. For example, should you happen to match all faces, and were staking 2 coins, your payout would be 10,000!

Perhaps then, this is why I’ve never seen the jackpot! But you can get 2 faces quite often, I’ve seen it at least 5 times in my plays. In fact during taking screenshots for this review, it happened and boosted the bonus payout by 700 coins (with a 10 coin bet)!

My partner always knows when I’m having a go on Rubik’s because I start uncontrollably bopping my head about when I get in the Bonus. There are actually two soundtracks you can choose from, but if I were you, stick to the original… it’s got that unmistakable sound of early synth cheese!

The Bonus is triggered seemingly randomly. When you click ‘Play’, the cube shuffles away, sorting itself out, and sometimes the letters in the word “Rubik’s” along the top light up. In order to get in to the Bonus, all 6 letters must light up (again, this is seemingly random). When it happens, you get to peel stickers off the cube by selecting different blocks of colour – these will correspond to either Free Plays or Extra Cubes.

Once you select a block which is marked ‘Start’, the Bonus begins, and so does the electro beat which makes my head do weird things.

Your accumulated Free Plays are then played out in the same style as the game, but with one extra bonus – if you light up all 6 letters again, you’ll either get more Free Plays or Extra Cubes, which is exciting. You can have up to 9 cubes in the bonus round, and it’s not uncommon to trigger the ‘Extras’ more than once in a Bonus round.

I love the fact when you go past 3 cubes, and then 6 cubes, the key changes in the funky beat… hypes me up something rotten. Oh dear!

And that’s it in a nutshell really. Not complicated, just colourful fun!

Rubik's (Casual Game) Slot, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Where Can I Play Rubik's Slot?

Sky Vegas
(Up to £150 bonus)
Paddy Power
(Up to £200 bonus)
Virgin Casino
(100% Sign up Bonus)
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