Lady in Red Slot

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Imagine you’re a jazz/blues singing lady and you’re dating some rich bloke who doesn’t have any time for an actual relationship. That about sums up the premise of this slot.

I’ve made it sound rubbish. It’s really not, I actually love it!

Lady in Red is a ‘music’ themed slot, much like Burning Desire and Voila! And before you think the worst, no this does NOT play Chris De Burgh’s timeless classic(?!) at any point.

Instead, keeping to the story, the slot (a regular 25 liner with 5 reels and 3 visible symbols per reel) shows various trinkets you might associate with the club which the poor lady is singing in – a small orchestral ensemble, a whisky, some matches and an ashtray – you get the picture. It sets the scene quite nicely.

It’s a simple slot – aside from the Wild symbol, the lady (We’ll call her Jessica for now as she looks a bit like Jessica Rabbit.) is the best payer. The Bonus is when the slot comes alive though.

3, 4 or 5 flashbulby camera symbols (the flash goes off when you get one in a viable reel, very cool) triggers 15, 20 or 25 free spins respectively. All your wins are tripled and yes, the whole lot can be retriggered by 3 or more cameras during the free spins.

This is when the lovely music pipes up – and here for your delictation are the lyrics:

Well he takes me to fancy restaurants
And orders the finest champagne
We often fly to far away places
Destinations are never the same

The strings of pearls he bought for me to wear
Just lie on my wardrobe instead
Because all I want is a simple man
And to be his Lady in Red

He orders me dozens of roses
And dresses from the very best stores
But in his black limousine I feel so alone
As it drops me off at my door

As much as I love all the glamorous gifts
And rose petals left on my bed
They’re nothing compared to my only desire
To be his Lady in Red

Ahh, lovely. It really creates a mood. Clever little slot. You must play this if you haven’t already. Follow the links below!

Lady in Red Slot, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Where Can I Play Lady in Red Slot?

Casino Action
($1250 free play)
32 Red
(£32 for every £20 deposited)
(Up to £100 free)
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