Jenga (Casual Game) Slot

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Known to people throughout the world as a family game with blocks of wood, this slot takes Jenga to a different level entirely, and without the mess!

This slot falls under the ‘casual game slot’ category, so you won’t see the usual reels and symbols, it’s a bit more unusual and fun than that!

The idea is there are 18 layers of blocks, each with 3 blocks, and each block being a colour. When you play for a spin, the blocks fall into place and the blocks’ colours are selected at random, as determined by the frequency of the most common ones – i.e. the lowest paid ones come out more often, so the random generator is obviously weighted to low-highest paid, the same theory as all other slots.

If you manage to get 3 of the same colour in the same block (so one layer is the same), you start a chain reaction whereby any blocks directly touching that layer of the same colour get counted up for a payout. Those blocks also start a chain reaction, so that if you start with one layer of purple at the bottom for example, and on every layer above it there is a purple block, your reaction would carry on right to the top! If you have two layers of the same colour which touch somewhere in the chain, the whole lot is counted again, so you end up with 2x the amount you got for the first one.

You can have as many same-colour layers as you are lucky, which means depending on the colour, you can get paid out big time! One of the screenshots here shows me playing and getting a small amount of blue blocks (they’re the highest paid thankfully!) – my bet was 18 coins and the return was 580.

When the blocks have been counted up, in traditional Jenga-esque style, the blocks are pulled out and blocks are placed on top to replace them (which you can also be paid out on if they form layers of the same colour!). If you manage to remove around 30 blocks, the tower will fall over and you get a free game! This happens quite often, so superceeds the need for an extra bonus game. Plus there are ‘feature’ blocks as follows:

‘Magic Blocks’ – my partner and I describe these as ‘Colour Changeys’… and scream ‘Colour Changey!’ whenever one comes up, which isn’t rare at all. These change the colour of itself and several surrounding blocks to match. If you’re lucky (it happens more times than not), the blocks will form at least one matching layer and you’ll get paid out. My blue 580 coin payout in the screenshot ‘nice little win’ above was as a result of a Colour Changey!

‘Layer Bombs’ – the general concensus on these are that they are a bit pants. There are three types – which blow up and replace 2, 4 or 8 layers of blocks directly above them. I’ve never really seen a whole lot of good come from that happening, it’s a token addition to an otherwise excellent game.

The game is really immersive with beautifully crafted backdrops which change every so often (you can lock one in if you think it’s lucky!) and butterflies which burst out from winning towers and whatnot. Very pretty.

I know I’ve made this game sound really complicated to understand, but it really is just a case of playing it and you’ll pick it up in 2 minutes. Have a go if you’ve never seen it, at the Casinos below.

Jenga (Casual Game) Slot, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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