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Refreshed after a short break in Mexico, I returned to review this little gem to start with. Having trapsed up Myan pyramids while away this one had a hint of the same sense of history… if only in the point in time rather than the actual culture, given the Incas were on a completely different continent! Either way it’s as close as I could find to topical in my head so there!

The premise is pretty simple – it’s a 5 reel, 20 line, 3 visible symbol slot. There is a wild, the Incan Priest it appears – who looks like an Indian Chief in my opinion – who will double any wins he helps create. How pleasant.

The real (or reel, ho ho) fun comes with the Bonus. It’s the Incan Pyramid (see, they had them too!). You enter by getting three or more scattered amulet symbols. In my game play for this review I played for about an hour and entered the Bonus three times.

The aim is to pick a block from each level of the pyramid, which will either award you straight forward credits or free spins. You may not make it to the top (or even past the first block annoyingly sometimes) but if you do climb, and get past the top, you can open the door to the Incan Treasure, which is a 150x bet prize. Ooh. Haven’t had that yet – I keep getting out of the Bonus at the top, but not beyond!

Even if you get barely nothing in the Bonus, you are automatically awarded 5 free spins anyway, which play out at 2x bet. I’ve climbed the pyramid to the last block and got free spins in 3 of the blocks, plus 800 credits on one occasion and ended up playing out 35 free spins, so I’m guessing the free spins you are awarded inside the pyramid are worth 10 each (it doesn’t say how many when you uncover it). As with your 5 pre-given spins, all free spins are played out at double your bet.

While the Bonus plays out there is some ominous native Incan style panpipeyness playing in the background – I swear I keep hearing a velociraptor every now and then… they weren’t that ancient though!

Have a little go and see how you do 🙂

Inca Gold Slot, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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