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Coming from the same people that brought you all the other Marvel slots, the Hulk – Ultimate Revenge slot is a personal favourite of mine.

It is a 25 line, 5 reel, 3 visible symbol slot which is fairly straight forward. Spin the reels and try to drop in the best wins you can.

For once it isn’t *all* about the Bonus – I find the reel wins aren’t too bad. This could be because the Bonus can be quite hard to get into. I’ve had some serious dry spells on this machine which prompted me to question the odds. The software writers were fairly unspecific about the odds, only saying the Bonus comes generally within “50 to a few hundred” spins on average.

I say that because once you’ve had the Bonus, it’s hard to think of anything else you want to get!

To get into it you need three or more explosion icons, anywhere across the reels. They make a good ‘sting’ when they hit the reels… like ‘Dummmmm!’. It’s a fast paced slot so you’re often in before you completely register it! If you manage to get a couple of explosions on the first couple of reels, there’s a loud drum roll which would help build tension if the slot ran any slower, but as it is you almost miss it if your first two don’t land on the first two reels!

The Bonus is great. Well, it *can* be great. When you enter it, you’re randomly selected a set of free spins/multipliers. These come in groups of two, because you have two chances to win one combination. The groups are always consistent in terms of their high or low quality.

The aim (although predetermined) is to smash a helicopter, as the Hulk, using a variety of street furniture like a Fire Hydrant or a car! The spins seem to be awarded, grouped together such as 15 spins at x 2, with 30 spins at x 1. I have seen 50 x 4 before which I believe is the top, which is grouped with 30 x 5 I believe. I have vague recollections that there might be a 25 x 7 aswell. According to the developers of the slot, your combinations are random but they are weighted to the lower rewards – so you may well find yourself getting the 15 x 2 type rewards more frequently than the higher 50 x 4 types ones.

Once in the free spins, they play out with some comic book style music (if there is such a thing!) with a gravelly serious Hulk-like tone to it. The best thing is, all your spins can be repeated with 3 or more explosion symbols arriving. Weirdly repeating seems easier than actually getting in the Bonus, but that could be my mind playing tricks! Either way when revisiting this slot to take screenshots for this review, my 30 x 1 got repeated twice so actually 90 spins were played out and the eventual payout was around 60 x my stake, so not too bad. In the past I have had 50 spins repeat 3 times, meaning I got 200 spins out of it… the heady days. It’s at those points you really want the big wins!

The wild icon is the Hulk’s eye, and it appears quite regularly. It doubles any win it helps create which is excellent… I love seeing it during the free spins especially.

I have absolutely hammered this one to within an inch of its life a couple of years ago and had mixed success. Just reading old emails I was told I had spun the reels 15,059 times in 4 days! Lordy!

As this is one of the Marvel slots, there are three progressive ‘Marvel Jackpot’ payouts which you can win simply by playing. The progressives are paid out completely randomly, with the odds of you picking one up increasing by you increasing your stake. I’ve had the lower two pay out before (which reset back to 50 and 500 coins respectively and rise with every spin played) but I’ve never had the top one which resets at 5,000 coins. I’ve seen that one hit 20,000 before someone has won it before. When I say coins, I don’t mean credits either, usually these are in a denomination, so for example if you’re playing in GBP (£), the top jackpot starts at £5,000!

I have a soft spot for this one, it’s fast and furious – quite literally when you hear the Hulk roaring in the Bonus! Try it out, below!

Hulk - Ultimate Revenge Slot, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Where Can I Play Hulk - Ultimate Revenge Slot?

Sky Vegas
(Up to £150 bonus)
Paddy Power
(Up to £200 bonus)
(Up to $250 bonus)
VIP Casino
(Up to $225 Free)
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