Gladiator Slot

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Set in Roman times, and with a vaguely ‘motion picture’esque feel (I wonder why?!), Gladiator is a one off slot in some ways which I’ve always enjoyed having a punt on.

Unlike some other slots, what you get to see is perhaps the nicer, more luxury-based side of Gladiatorial life, and not the bloodthirst and gore which is always a turn off for me!

Gladiator is a 5-reel, 3-visble symbol slot with 50 paylines, giving you huge opportunity for little wins with every spin. With the Wild symbol of the ‘Gladiator coin’ (it’s shiny and yellow, you can’t miss it!), this comes into play an awful lot with said wins.

This slot is the first (and only I’ve seen) that gives you 100 free spins as the Bonus. Yes, you read it right, a whole hundred spins. Ok so they’re at a x1 multiplier with no way of increasing that, but if you’re playing at max bet of 500 coins, it’s not bad to get 50,000 coins worth of play spun out for nothing when you get there.

I was incredibly lucky to spin in the bonus within about 20 spins when setting up to review it. This isn’t usual, I must stress… though I have had it a few times previously. You can trigger the bonus by getting 3 or more ‘Scatter’ logos on the reels. Then sit back and… well… wait really.

I never thought I’d say it but you’re actually probably in for more fun getting on with your emails or going and making a cup of tea while the free spins play themselves out. There’s no way to massively increase the speed the bonus plays out so it can literally take 10-15 minutes to complete. If you make yourself absent during that time, it’s a pretty cool experience to come back and see what you’ve won. Watching all 100 spins play out and urging on the relevant symbols can actually get tiresome. And no, unfortunately (or is that fortunately?!) you can’t retrigger the spins again within them with this one. Still, the number you get is still pretty generous.

At least the grand ‘movie style’ music which plays during your free spins can keep you mildly entertained, putting your mind in the midst of all that masculinity and… well, food, ornaments and money – which appear to be the overriding theme.

This is one of those slots you come back to, with a view to seeing if you get into the feature early on. If you don’t, move on because it can be a little slow moving, but you’ll be back! Check it out at the casinos below.

Gladiator Slot, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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