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In previous reviews I have explained that part of what makes me tick when it comes to a slot is how it makes my head bang at certain moments. Well, Fumi is quite simply mental on that front.

Start spinning the reels, and the gameshow-esque music blasts out quite loud, and indeed makes me shimmy rather uncontrollably, which is not a pleasant sight.

The slot is a simple beast but has some lovely 3D rendered graphics and of course the annoying gameshow style music mentioned earlier… annoying but good that is!

Fumi and his co-host Aki appear to be gameshow hosts in this slot which is the namesake of the show. Seemingly Japanese looking, along with some sound effects which definitely have a Japanese twang to them, it’s really up to you what the format of said show would be, should it ever somehow get commissioned!

All we care about is the gameplay and bonus however! Simplicity is the key with this one.

Fumi’s Fortune is a regular 5-reel 3-visible symbol & 25 line slot, with pretty normal payouts across the symbols. That is, there’s no massive highs and nothing particularly out of the ordinary (the highest paid being the Wild symbol or Fumi himself which pays 1000 x bet) but the Bonus round seems to come around more often than a lot of slots, so there’s every chance of a nice win.

The Bonus consists of 8 free spins, introducing a second Wild symbol (it chooses randomly between Fumi, Aki and the ‘Bubbles’ symbol), and it is triggered completely randomly, so long as an Aki, Fumi and/or Bubbles symbol appeared on your reels in the triggering game. The spins can be retriggered within the game, again by this random action, and I’ve seen it done several times!

During the Bonus, Fumi and Aki run around the screen like headless chickens, Fumi shouting unintelligable things when you get a win (I’m of the belief a couple are “Niceroney!” and “You done it!”). Just watching them is fun enough to hammer it for the Bonus.

Fumi’s Fortune is a good laugh, one you will tire of quickly but come back to often. Weird that! It’s simple to understand and quite immersive… and good on my headbangometer scale.

Fumi's Fortune Slot, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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