Call of Duty 4 (Modern Warfare) Slot

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I’m not a gamer. Sorry to disappoint, so I can’t go giving you the names of characters featured in this slot and how much graphics and sound has been nicked from the game itself.

What you will get is my honest opinion about this slot having played it for hours in the past!

First of all, you’re looking at the regular 25-line, 5 reel, 3 visible symbol type setup which is a familiar sight, so no surprises there.

The fun comes during gameplay, with the first thing you don’t expect – either a handgrenade or a man suddenly appearing across your screen, exploding one of your symbols for the wild symbol. It’s noisy and fun, and more often than not creates a win (in fact I’m trying to remember a time when it didn’t!). It happens really often so you won’t miss it.

The wild symbol is the soldier, and any wins which the wild is a part of are doubled! Even the ones the grenade or timebomb explodes become 2x wilds too! Marvellous. Incidentally my partner and I are convinced the soldier says the words “Hash Brown” whenever he’s paying out… really not sure that’s in keeping with the game. But we always shout it when playing, so who cares!

To be honest, you would get bored hammering this over and over for the small wild-exploding-wins (or other small payline wins), it’s all about the Bonus! It’s not the easiest Bonus in the world to enter, but it’s good fun when you do.

Basically, quite simply you have to shoot people. You’ll get put in one of a handful of different scenes and have to shoot at people’s heads. Simple as that! Each hit gives you up to 4 free spins, and if you get a headshot you get bonus prizes. If you’re a great aim (I think it’s predetermined actually, but try your hardest anyway!), and get 5 kills on the trot, an airstrike happens which turns your measly 2x multiplier into 3x, 4x or 5x… ooo!

Normally you’ll see between 12-24 free spins, and airstrikes happen every so often… seems pretty random to me. In the hour or so I revisited this slot to do this review and take screenshots, I got in the Bonus twice, but no airstrikes.

Still, it’s a great fun slot to play, and whilst you’re shooting people there’s no proper graphical gory bloodshed for the squeamish like me! And if you like the actual game, I’m sure you’ll enjoy spending a bit of time trying to win some cash in its little spinoff slot. Have a go on the links below!

Call of Duty 4 (Modern Warfare) Slot, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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