Bejeweled (Casual Game) Slot

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Possibly the simplest slot I’ll ever have to explain on this site, Bejeweled is a great way of killing a few minutes to try your luck.

If you’re familiar with the game, and all its offspins since (like the unbelievably addictive Bejewled Blitz on Facebook), then you’ll get the premise of this slot in an instant.

Basically you have 5 rows of 5 jewels, so 25 visible jewels which drop into place when you play. There are 10 paylines – 5 horizontal and 5 vertical, so no diaganals or anything crazy to look for.

The idea is to get 3 or more of the same jewel to land into place next to each other. It’s so simple even my goldfish would get it. Diamonds are the ones to look out for – 3 of those give you 100x your bet, 4 is 200x and 5 is 500x! I’ve seen 4 a few times (even in the playing which I was doing for the screenshots here as you can see), so it’s nice to see it paying quite often.

There are a couple of massive jackpots – which are slightly restrictive that I’ve never seen them happen or close to happen. The first is the 8000x jackpot which occurs if you get 5 matching symbols on line 5, plus 5 matching symbols on line 6,7,8,9, or 10. I’m not 100% if they all have to be the same symbol… like I say I’ve never seen it happen. But it doesn’t *sound* that hard if it’s not the same symbol – basically a vertical line on the furthest right and any horizontal line at the same time.

The other (and biggest) jackpot is a 20,000x which pays if the Bejeweled Wild symbol covers the whole of line 10 (top horizontal)… anywhere else you get all five and you get 1000x bet. As I say, never seen it – but if you have, and have proof, post your pic in the comments!

What I like about this game is the ‘hit rate’. It seems you’re nearly always hitting small to medium prizes, so if you’re feeling unlucky this may slow down the rate at which you’re pouring the cash away!

Over all I think it won’t be long before the slot developers of this world make a more 21st century version taking into account the leaps and bounds the conventional game has come through since this basic original idea. So it’s a little retro on the graphic and sound front, but hey it’s still a slot that can pay!

*edit – I just found a brand new game called Bejeweled Hypercash which I’ll review shortly… told you so!

Bejeweled (Casual Game) Slot, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

Where Can I Play Bejeweled Slot?

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Paddy Power
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VIP Casino
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