About The Slot Addict

Slot Addict is written and produced by a 30-something called Pat. I live and work in the UK… and I’m addicted to slots!

I’ve loved playing the slots since my first experience of them back in 2002. If you don’t know what an online slot actually is, you should read my slot facts page.

This blog is for me to offload the ridiculous amount of little things I’ve picked up along the way about particular slots – all of which should be available for free for you to try out on the casinos mentioned in each review. It was started in July 2010 and I’m busy beavering away in my spare time to give you the latest slot reviews, with a little twist of perhaps adding my personality into them a bit, unlike other, perhaps more dull, slot review sites!

To be frank I’ve had my ups and downs with slots. As with all online gambling, you should realise that unless you are exceptionally lucky, you risk losing money if you play long term (see the responsible gambling page), but regardless of the financials, I’ve been closely following the release of some fantastic games, and these days even play some for free to kill some time. I know, sad huh!