Welcome to Slot Addict!

My name is Pat and I’m a Slot Addict! I’ve loved playing online slots since my first experience of them back in 2002.

This site is for me to offload the ridiculous amount of little things I’ve picked up along the way about particular online slots – all of which are available to play for free for you to try out – just follow the link after each review!

I started this website in mid 2010 and like everything, life gets in the way. One day I want the site to contain every single slot I have ever played! A tall order, given that’s probably in the 300-400 range! In the meantime there’s plenty of cool slots I like – check out my top 5 for starters, above!

Leprechaun’s Luck Slot

Where to begin with this fun Irish themed slot? I have played this so much I feel like I’m constantly on the hunt for gold. More on that later. If you’ve played Rainbow Riches or other similarly themed slots, you’ll know instantly that this one will be full of your stereotypical Irish imagery (four leaf …Read More

A little tweak here and there…

With a new year, a new lease of life to the site is under way! I’ve brought in a new webcam from inside a casino, and am embarking on more slot reviews. I also excited by so many new slots out there – November and December last year brought some fantastic updates to various casinos, …Read More

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